Property Management

Management require skills related to: dependability, flexibility, creativeness, and organization. Rich Estates has a team of qualified individuals who collectively make real estate management smooth and peaceful. Through various trainings, outreach initiatives, and professional development it is our goal to ignite ownership in the minds of the community.

Through broker services one can begin their ownership of real estate and leave the rest up to us! Our streamline of property management systems rely on our motto: aggressively proactive. The approach is to maintain routine and preventive maintenance in addition to upholding quality inspections. First utilizing income resources to secure future wealth, establish reserves, and produce immediate cash.

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Broker Services

Our realtor has partnered with RE/MAX NEXT realty firm to conduct business and utilize global resources. These resources are user friendly and supply ample information related to real estate purchasing, real estate selling, and leasing. RE/MAX has established a presence within the community and their partnership with us creates satisfaction.

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Leasing/ Renting

With the demand of residential shelter being stable, it is imperative to have a standard of living corridors above standard. Rich Estates has a standard of satisfaction unmet by competitors. This satisfaction is derived from quality customer service, quality maintenance, and a qualified team !

Our belief is one should be happy in life and rich in health, spirit, and finances. Known facts of life satisfaction significantly relate to living environment. With the management of Rich Estates one can expect to always have someone able to address any concerns, although none should arise. Another great aspect of our living community is our outreach and objectives locally.

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Rich Estates is family owned and operated with personal ties and responsibility to the community. An executive management board, consisting of an array of disciplines maintain the structure. The holistic approach rest on the notion of the ability to do most services within real estate. Well developed systemic organization sets us apart from competitors; in addition to our: innovative, versatile, and persistent skills of execution.

It is our objective to rebuild communities and solidify families through fostering environments rich in health, spirit, and finances. While we have networked with various affiliates, most notable: RE/MAX NEXT, National Association of Realtors, Community Investment Corporation, and Chicago Area Investors Real Estate Club.

Business motto: aggressively proactive! Managing time effectively  requires a streamline process that works. An acquisition manager researches and execute closing of a property while another manager oversees rehab/ handles construction work. During this time another manager initiates marketing campaigns and two other managers await property management responsibilities.