Our Approach

AGGRESSIVELY PROACTIVE ! This means you can expect an aggressive approach to almost everything. We believe that being assertive in the real estate industry is a must; being aggressive in terms of our skills of service, quality and importantly standard. You can expect every foreseen issue to have a solution plan in place before it occurs. It also means you can expect unforeseen issues to be resolved quickly due to our aggressive response.

Our Story

Founded in 2016 Chicago Illinois. Principals were related to necessity of residential management, management itself, and empowerment. Expansion came immediately: broker services, investing, and outreach. It is our goal and objective to create rich lives - rich in health, spirit, and finances. An array of backgrounds including law enforcement, social service, and physical science compose the management team. Our  advisory board also consist of many disciplines including: banking/taxation, real estate law, and real estate investors.


CEO / Acquisitions

Attaining a degree in business management specializing in real estate adds value to his notable vitae. Believing in persistence and dedication.


Chief Operations Officer

Having extensive background in safety procedures and operations makes his resume solid. Most valued for ability to create and enforce policies.


Chief Financial Officer

Valuing education, workshops, and trainings is evident throughout the history of the CFO. The continued quest for certifications helps one advance and succeed.


Chief of Staff

Approachable and most known for neutral - non bias stance in dissenting situations. Also valuing interpersonal relationships with a niche for comfort and quality.


Marketing Director

A creative mind and  systemic approach to accomplishing task aids in the ability to reach the masses. Also valuing uniqueness and innovative techniques.