Broker Services

RE/MAX has a made a name for themselves through years of service in the United States and even globally. Research current averages that every :30 seconds a RE/MAX agent closes a deal. While RE/MAX NEXT is independently owned and operated, the affiliation provides value to our service. Whether you need assistance buying or selling your home we can help! We also do land acquisition, commercial property, and luxury living.


Property Management

Rich Estates LLC prides themselves on their expertise of management. A diverse team of successful individuals handle direct management of property: finances, maintenance, and marketing.  We also have two other groups of research experts advising and guiding on major decisions and opportunities of income growth. The competitive advantages of our company relates to our trainings/outreach approach. Quarterly Rich Estates LLC has devoted specific trainings and events focused on empowering the local community. Another advantage is our dynamic approach of being aggressively proactive. This statement means not only will resolutions be addressed before concern but also executed in an assertive approach.


Rental/ Leasing

The community of Rich Estates LLC thrives off empowerment. In addition to this positive environment fostered, the values of quality being held high speaks volume. Many people believe that since they are not owners they cannot attain their highest comfort of living. This is not the case in the residential buildings managed by Rich Estates LLC. Customer Service is a skill that although possessed by everyone, the quality of such skills vary. We have devoted education, trainings, etc. to our expertise of management and quality of customer service.

Need more information ?

Contact us below, we can provide you detailed elaborations to assist in your decision. We ensure that you will chose our service that your next discussion will be face to face with one of the members of the management team.